late in the summer day, in the field.  Cushing.
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 Elver fishing on the Medomak River, Waldoboro Maine
 Moody's Diner.  Waldoboro, Maine
 A-1 Diner, Gardiner
 A-1 Diner, Gardiner
 Christina's world...the Olson House
 the Olson House.  Cushing
 the Olson House.  Cushing
 Dormer.  The Olson House, Cushing
 the cribstone bridge in Harpswell connecting Bailey and Orr's Islands...reported to be the only granite cribstone bridge in the world.  
 built circa 1927 to connect the two island communities, while still allowing for strong tides to flow freely, only gravity holds the heavy stacked granite together.
 Rockland waterfront
 no wake
 Gear. South Bristol
 Osier's Wharf, South Bristol
 Ready.  South Bristol
 Pemaquid Fisherman's Coop.
 Round Pond, Maine
 Waiting for the alewives in Damariscotta Mills.
 rust on the Kennebec
 Lobster Pound at Keene Narrows.  Oar Island across channel.  Bremen, Maine
 Round Pond
 South Bristol
 Round Pond
 Squirrel Point Light
 Swan Island
 Swan island
 Round Pond, ME
 farmhouse on the Medomak River, Waldoboro.
 Crow Island.  Thanksgiving Day.  Muscongus Bay.  Bremen, Maine
 Damariscotta Mills gothic.
 Town Landing.  Hockomock Channel.  Bremen, Maine
 Camden Harbor
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 Bremen Lobster Pound
 The wreck of the Cora Cressy. Bremen
 The end of the road...Bremen Lobster Pound.
 the Olson House
 the Olson House
 the Olson House
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